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Frank Soucinek is a husband, father, serial entrepreneur, and 3+ decade veteran in the network marketing industry. Over the course of their career, Frank and Cindy have started many multi-million dollar companies and have helped countless people create financial and time freedom through network marketing. 

By learning, mentorship, action, and the understanding the principles govern success, Frank and Cindy have gone "from the trailer park to the Ritz Carlton" achieving both time and financial freedom and the ability to "come and go as they please" for the past 20+ years. 


Frank and Cindy started out 3 decades ago in a single wide trailer. Cindy worked part time at the Win Dixie and Frank made 100 dollars a week. But they knew there had to be more to life than the mundane and limited life they were experiencing. They knew success could be achieved for them but they were in the wrong vehicle. It was at this time that Frank was introduced to the network marketing industry through someone. In one fateful night, he made a decision and started his networking career, met his mentor and gave his life to the Lord. From that moment everything began to change for Cindy and him.

Frank very quickly realized two important things: 

1. Successful people think and act differently.

2. The same people create wealth time and time again because they understand the principles, and those principles govern success. 

Frank started to learn from his mentor and quickly understood the power of mentorship and started to see things differently. He went from a limited mindset and way of thinking to an UNLIMITED mindset and way of thinking. Frank learned the first of many principles: do the same things that the people who have what you want have do and one day you will have them too. Frank began implementing the lessons he was learning in the network marketing industry and began implementing the same in his traditional businesses and learned the second of many lessons: principles in business in life are not one dimensional. Principles govern all of success.

Through many more principles learned and the power of mentorship Frank went on to retire for the first time at just 29 years old, create financial and time freedom for his family, travel the globe, and live a life where he truly has no "bucket list"


Is to teach people the principles he has learned over the years, help people develop the unlimited mindset, and develop the skills and learn the principles that govern success. 

TCB Global is Frank's global team and business school that teaches people how to leverage, what Frank believes, is the world's most powerful form of time and financial leverage industry there is: network marketing. 

Through online in depth financial education, real world training, and powerful business principle's TCB Global is helping people all over the country and the world develop true time and financial freedom.

Frank and Cindy know what mentorship has done for them, and now they are offering their time to mentor many others.

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