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"People create systems and

systems create wealth"

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Frank and Cindy Soucinek have been married for 36 years, raised 5 children, have owned and operated multiple million dollar companies, run a private christian academy, and have over 30 years of experience in the network marketing industry. They have made it their mission in life to not only help reach, but help teach and position people to succeed and achieve in every area of their life.


From humble beginnings in a single wide mobile home in Lake City Florida, they know first hand that through the network marketing industry, along with hard work and applying proven principles daily you can achieve anything in life.

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Frank and Cindy's mission in life is to help teach and position people to win in life, and are firm believers that principles govern success. Through practical teachings, daily routines and step by step proven systems Frank and Cindy are helping people all over the nation become, achieve and win more in life.

Frank and Cindy's book study of the month

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